Pádraic Ó Conaire

Pádraic Ó Conaire (Conroy) was born in a house by the Galway docks in 1882. Following the death of his parents, Pádraic was raised by relatives in Connemara and Co. Clare. Having studied at Blackrock College, Dublin, he immigrated to London. There, he worked for the British civil service while teaching Irish language classes at night for the Gaelic League. He returned to Galway in 1914 where he earned a living as a teacher and writer. He won several prizes for his literary works, however in later life he suffered ill health, exasperated by alcohol abuse. He died a pauper in Richmond Hospital, Dublin in 1928, aged just 46 years. Following his death, the Gaelic League decided to raise funds to erect a memorial in his honour. The statue was sculpted by Albert Power and unveiled by Eamon De Valera in June 1935. There he sat in Eyres Square until in 2004, the statue was then moved to its current location in The Galway City Museum. During its time in Eyres Square, it became a favoured spot for visitors to the city to have there photograph taken.Today there is a permanent exhibition of Ó Conaire’s life and work at the museum.